Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pinkish- Nail color du jour

 Happy Hump day! Here is my fabulous nail color du jour.
I didn't mention this the last time but I'm actual trying to grow out my nails. I was an avid acrylic and gel user and without them my nails looked a hot mess. They were super brittle and would brake all of the time. They are starting to come around now that I wear gel polish instead and that half moon indentation, that having acrylic and gel causes, is almost grown out. I'm not totally sure if I'm going to stick with not using acrylic or gel any more but I'm going to try because the last time I had a gel overlay it helped cause a pinky fracture (which, you can kind of tell from the photo, is not completely healed). I don't where my nails extremely long so that wasn't the case but the force it took to brake my gel nail in half was enough to also fracture the bone underneath (very painful). Any who, here is my recent nail job and the color is called gossip girl (ironically one of my favorite shows hehe),which is a bright almost neon pink color. I get mine done at the salon but if you want more info about the brand used check it out here.

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