Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday nights with Vogue and Parfait

So I'm sitting here on a Saturday reading the latest issue of Vogue when a rumble in my tummy says "I want food". After a failed attempt at trying to ignore this rumble, I decided to make myself a quick snack that wouldn't turn me into a linebacker by morning. I came up with this ultra yummy yogurt parfait. All you need to recreate this figure-friendly snack is: Plain non-fat yogurt, Blackberries, Blueberries and 100 calorie pack Lorna Doons.

Now this recipe is certainly up for alterations, I just wanted to make something quick and somewhat low in calories and these are the ingredients I had on hand but you can certainly make it with any kind of fruit, yogurt or cookies you'd like. Taking these ingredients, I just layered them into a dessert cup until the last layer reached the rim of the cup and there you have it. My very berry low cal Saturday night snack. Enjoy!

Stay Hungry,

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  1. great healthy snack! yumm

    xo Victoria


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