Thursday, January 19, 2012

30 of 30- Day 8-11

I have really been slacking on doing my 30 for 30. I think I'm going to start putting a reminder of my phone at night for the next day so that even if I don't post them I can have the picture ready to do so. I have 4 days worth of picture in this post so shall we start?

Day 8- A song that matches my mood
I'm in a pretty good mood today

Day 9-A photo of the item I purchased last
 You've seen this in me Elan Renegade Vintage Trunk show post

Day 10- A photo of my favorite place to eat

  This is actually one of my favorite places to eat. It's Fogo de Chao, a fabulous Brazilian Steak house.

Day 11- What in you make up bag?

 Here a pick at some of my make-up collection. I'm a (more recent) make-up collector, so there's a lot more where this came from.

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  1. I want to start a 30 of 30 series, too. Maybe next month.


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