Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Carnival in Barbados

Being the caribbean girl that I am (Mixed with Bajan, Haitian and Cuban), I had to make a trip to Barbados to celebrate Crop Over (our version of Carnival). I had the most amazing time and just wanted to share a bit of the experience with you all. Even though I use to live in Barbados (for high school), I have never really experienced a Crop Over because I was always traveling back home to the US for the summer, so this is really one of my first Crop Over experiences as well.

Historically, Crop Over was a time to celebrate the end of the sugar cane harvesting season. Now, Crop Over is the biggest celebration in the country which includes parades, calypso singing competition and parties, lots of parties. Kadooment  day, is the day that everyone in the different "bands" wear their costumes and have a big party parade. Kadooment day also ends the crop over celebration which lasts about 2 months. If you all are familiar with carnival in Brazil, Crop over is a very similar concepts.

 I had so much fun watching all of the bands parade down the street and seeing people have a good time. I actually want to participate in a band next year, so look out for that. The picture in this post, were taken on Kadooment day. As you will see the costumes are so beautiful.  Hope you enjoy your peek into Bajan (Slang for Barbadian) culture.

One of my beautiful friends

The beautiful Bajan Sunset after a long day of people watching

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  1. Don't you love being Carribean?? haha, my grandfathers call me a Trinmerican since i'm so proud of my family in Trinidad but I've never been! I've always wanted to visit for Crop OVer, I've been to Caribana and played Mass but those pictures I dont want to see the light of day haha. I love all the costumes! So pretty and colorful!


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