Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Nostalgia

Dress: Lola (in Vegas)/ Sandals:Marshalls/ Necklace: Flea Market 

With inevitable approach of Fall, I've been longing for those long summer days of weeks pasted. I think  I was really feeling nostalgic when I wore this long white maxi dress. When I saw this dress in the store, I pictured picnics in a field of daisies, sipping on lemonade with my summer fling (who happens to be my fall, winter and spring fling too lol). This dress was the first dress that I've ever found that was actually nearly too long for me. I have no hight challenges so it's usually hard for me to find dresses that would be long enough for me but this one was perfect. Now as you get see I didn't get to live out my fantasy of romping around in a field of daisies but I was with my babe so that counts for something right?


  1. You look gorgeous.. love the statement necklace with the clean crisp white dress!!


  2. Love this dress on you!! When it gets cold out were going to have to have "summer parties" where we dress up & pretend that it's summer lol :)


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