Monday, May 21, 2012

Orange Creamsicle

Blouse: Brooks Brothers/ Necklace and Skirt: H&M/ Clutch: TJMaxx (Similar here )/ Shoes: Zara (love these one too)

Photos by: Robbie Jackson

When I saw this skirt hanging in the store, I was instantly intriged by the clear sequins that cover it. I love the light orange color of it and it goes so well with these super popular zara sandals. I'm so glad that it's finally starting to become warm on a more consistent basis so outfits like this, with the long sleeves, will be retired for a while. Summer is a time to be naked! Ok not really naked but just a little naked and I am certainly in the process of stocking my closet with lots of flowy dresses and fab skirts so I can keep cool while looking hot! Yes, I know that was cheesy but you all get my drift. Anywho, have a amazing day and I'll see you soon.

PS: I was trying out some photo editing so that's why the photos have different effects. Which one do you like.
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  1. Very pretty skirt. Wow.

    I'm the opposite of you. I'm dreading the Summer season. I much rather it be Spring/Fall all year long.

    1. I'm always cold so the warm weather is welcomed by me but I do like spring and fall for the fashion.


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