Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yummy Germany

While on my trip to Germany (and Amsterdam), I was able to taste quite a bit of cuisine (which is why I have to work my a** off to lose these extra lbs). I thought you all would love to see some of these awesome dishes so I snapped a few pictures to give you a little taste (pun intended ) of my European cuisine experience.

El Toro - Gotha, Germany

Always have to start with libations

This was the coolest looking salad I have ever seen. I tasted wonderful also. 

Another view

My favorite good: Steak! This steak was so moist and tender. I' drooling as I type. 

Sampurna- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Yummy Indonesian food. 

Beef and Chicken on a stick

La Place- Amsterdam

I was in bakery heaven!!

This looked so delicious 

Rocco Grill (Italian Restaurant) Berlin, Germany
Pork and pasta, what more could you want

A few American Classic


  1. Drooooling :) Glad that you ate well on your travels!


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